We're so glad you are here. The desire of our heart is that you will be encouraged and challenged every time you visit.

So, what's this all about?

  • Well, first and foremost, we desire to continually create content that will assist parents, teachers and therapists in their connection with young children. While many people focus on older children, we are mostly focused on the formulative years. Those years are precious. Those years are the foundation of a child's confidence, identity, security, etc. We believe there is immense value in the words we speak to our children...and the ones that replay in our own minds long in to our adult lives as well. So, our content is heavily focused on this thought, "Be careful what you water, because it will surely grow."

So, what can you expect?

  • We're constantly dreaming up ideas for videos. Check out our media section and subscribe to our Youtube page for further updates on future videos. Many of these videos may be "promo" in nature. However, we hope to create value in each piece. We will always link to those videos here on our media section.
  • We're creating products we believe will add value to your lives and the lives of your children. So, if we create a t-shirt, it's not just to sell a t-shirt. We hope the shirt will be a constant reminder about your words and actions. If you are sipping a coffee with "Be careful what you water, because it will surely grow.", we hope it will help you start your day correctly. 
  • This sight will feature our first children's book, Seeds and Trees. It is set to release to the public at the end of March '18. We will open up "pre-sales" in the weeks leading up to that. The book is being illustrated by our dear friends, Kevin and Kristen Howdeshell of www.thebraveunion.com. Their work is amazing and we're honored to have them as partners in this piece. We're also presently working on curriculum for public schools and home school families that meets all Federal curriculum standards. This curriculum will serve families with children from K-6. We hope to have this available before the 2018 fall school year start. So, if you know teachers or are a home school mom or dad, please keep an eye out for this and spread the word!
  • We're also creating other resources that will serve as daily reminders and suggestions of ways to connect with your children. We're nearly done with our first "30 day" challenge. It offers a daily suggestion of a phrase that would be important for your child to hear that day in that moment. It also has other suggestions for interactions that will bring connection and encouragement to your entire family. 

We will regularly post blogs that are short and sweet. But, knowing me, some may be lengthy as well. Due to the nature of the book, Seeds and Trees, we're also looking to spread the word in any way possible. So, we will be posting links to podcast interviews, speaking engagement schedule, alerts for new videos, etc. 

With all of that said... please know our greatest desire is to bring value and encouragement to you and your family. We're here to serve. So, if there is ever anything you need, please reach out. We don't know much, but intend to make everything we have available to the masses in hopes that one child, one heart, one future is changed.

Thanks for the visit. We hope to see you again and hear from you!



Brandon Walden

"Be careful what you water, because it will surely grow."